Terms and Conditions

This page tells you information about the legal terms and conditions on which we sell any of the products listed on our website to you.

Article 1: Applicability
On all offers, orders and agreements on DGT e-shop BV(as from now to call: DGT e-shop BV) its these general sale conditions (hereafter: " Voorwaarden") of application. Accepting loves an offer or doing an order in that you the relevance these conditions accepts. These conditions respect the rights of the consumer which result from the law (or the sale agreement).

Article 2. Offers/agreements
All offers of DGT e-shop BV is without engagement and DGT e-shop BV preserves itself explicitly the right for the prices, in particular modify when that is on the basis of (legal) regulations necessary. An agreement comes about only after acceptance of your order by DGT e-shop BV. DGT e-shop BV is authorized refuse orders or stipulated conditions to the supply unless to link such as payment in advance, explicitly differently stipulated. If an order is not accepted, DGT share e-shop this ten (10) summon BV after reception of the order. By ordering BV products at DGT e e-shop, explain you that you at least the put age of 18 years have.

Article 3. Prices and payment
The mentioned prices for the offered products and services are in Euro' s (€), including VAT and exclusively administrations and shipment, possible taxes or other levies, unless differently mentioned or corresponded in writing. Payment must occur on 1 of by our offered methods of payment. If the prices for the offered products and services increase in the period between the order and the implementation of it, are entitled you cancel the order or the agreement to annul within (5) summon e-shop after communication of the increase in the price by DGT E.G. In the case of (type) errors in the prices DGT preserve themselves e-shop BV the right for still the real calculate price to you, about this, however, firstly contact with you will have be taken, and you the right in this case five (5) summons the agreement in writing to dissolve. Payment must at payment in advance, occur unless differently in writing corresponded. We indicate you gladly once again that your order is just sent as soon as your payment has been received on account number 0138077320 from DGT e-shop BV at Enschede, under indication of your establishment number.

Article 4. Supply By DGT e-shop BV
Delivery periods given up are only indicative. Overshooting of only delivery deadline gives you no right to damages and either the right your cancel order or the agreement unless to dissolve, the overshooting of the delivery deadline is such that of you cannot be reasonably desired that you leave the agreement in score. You are entitled in that case the order or cancel the agreement insofar to dissolve that is necessary. In this case DGT e-shop BV it will deposit possible already by your paid amount as soon as possible into your account. The supply of the products occurs at the place and the time on which the products are ready for sending to u. DGT e-shop BV preserves itself the right for extradite orders if necessary in parts to you (this to assess DGT e-shopBV, you are in this case no extra shipment costs chargeable.

Article 5. Property reservation
The property of provided products moves over just to you, if you already it none you on the basis of only agreement to DGT Holding BV is chargeable, has satisfied. The risk to the point of the products proceeds already at the moment of the delivery on you.

Article 6. Intellectual and industrial tenures
You serve all intellectual and industrial tenures which rest on by DGT Holding BV entirely and unconditionally provided products to respect. DGT do not guarantee to e-shop BV that the products provided to you make no violation on some (unwritten) intellectual and/or industrial tenure of third parties

Article 7. Publicities and liability
You have to the obligation at delivery examine if the products answer to the agreement. If this case is not, you serve DGT e-shop BV of it as soon as possible and in any case seven (7) working days after the delivery, after observation was reasonably possible, in writing notify. If it has been shown that the products do not answer to the agreement, DGT have to e-shop BV the choice the concerning replace products against return of it by restituting new products or the invoice value of it. If you do not wish decrease a product for any reason whatsoever, you have the right seven (7) summon the product after delivery to DGT to e-shop BV to return. Return become in this case only accepted if the packing of the product is unharmed, where applies also that the costs for return at your expense come. DGT e-shop BV after reception and control goods sent of the return the possible already amount to you, paid by you, will pay. DGT e-shop BV can be under no circumstances responsible for some lesion or damage as directly or indirect consequence the use goods which by DGT e-shop BV is provided. The use of goods which by DGT e-shop BV is provided occurs entirely on own risk. Should an article be faulty, then you can take contact with our (shop@dgt.nl). The return article must well packed and sent back sufficiently stamped to: DGT e-shopBV, IJzersteden 8, 7547 TB Enschede, the Netherlands. When it is because of a failure no shipment costs are charged. In all other cases a contribution of the shipment costs (difference by consignment) is obliges. We request you mention a reason for return, there we gladly get feedback to develop our products further and to improve, this is however does not oblige.

Article 8. Orders/communication
For misunderstand, injuries, delays or not considerably happen of establishment data and communications of the use of Internet or some other communication means in the movement between you and DGT e-shop BV, or between DGT e-shop BV and third parties, as far as are not related to the relation between you and DGT e-shop BV, is DGT e-shop BV responsible, unless and as far as talk could be of set-up or grove debt by DGT e-shop BV.

Article 9. Supremacy
Notwithstanding remaining to her belonging to rights, has DGT e-shop BV in case of supremacy the right, to own choice, suspend the implementation given up of your order, or the agreement without dissolving legal mediation, this by communicating without you this in writing on by you to e-mail the address and this DGT e-shop BV is kept to only damages, unless this would be in the given circumstances to criteria of reason and fairness unacceptable. Under supremacy it is understood every circumstance which is not to blame to debt of DGT e-shop BV, and which comes nor under the law, act of law or in the movement applying conceptions at its expense.

Article 10. Others
If you do task in writing to DGT e-shop BV of an address, DGT e-shop BV has been entitled to that address all orders, send unless you do task in writing to DGT e-shop BV of a another address to which your orders to have to be sent. When DGT e-shop BV have been yes or no tacitly permitted during short or longer time deviations of these conditions, that unimpeded its right lets through still direct and strict require compliance with these conditions. You can do never some right leave money on the basis of the fact that DGT e-shop BV apply these conditions smoothly. DGT e-shop BV is competent in the implementation of your order (and) use of third parties.

Article 11. Procedure or does not damage receive at insured sent
In case of do not receive in for that order to expect the time, at the parcel service a research is established that can confiscate several weeks. During this period there absolutely no new Article can become sent or a repayment is processed. At reception of your order, you have to the obligation your examine order to note if thereby the product satisfies to the agreement and if necessary on the delivery receipt possible deviations to mark. If there is talk of a deviation, you must this as soon as possible to mole groin mental training by motivated mail or pass on e-mail. This you must do the same day or at the latest the first working day after reception of the product, at least after observation was reasonably possible. A research will be established at the parcel service, where it is important that it damaged Article plus packing in which received unused is kept to that the parcel service is been is for control. After control a report is made up, during this period there absolutely no new Article or a repayment can become sent becomes. processes.

Article 12. Appropriate right and competent judge
On all rights, obligations, offers, orders and agreements on which apply these conditions, as well as to these conditions, right applies exclusively Dutch. All disputes between parties will be presented at exclusion to this end the competent judge in The Netherlands.